Noah and his walk

The other day I wrote about Noah on my facebook page so I thought I would share this. Last Thursday was a good day, before I took Noah to the hospital for his consultant appointment. I walked with him to the bottom of the road and back this is the first time he has walked that far since his stroke in December 2019 due to the chemo drugs. He was really happy walking and was chuffed with himself as was I at him, so we went off to the hospital for his appointment. His bloods were good so his consultant wanted him to continue with his chemo. Late afternoon that same day when Theo went to sleep I thought I’d take him on another short walk but he didn’t want to stop he continued around to my sister’s house (around the corner) luckily she was on her way home but he wanted to hug her when she turned up and so I had to keep Noah away but he is so strong. He got in a right mood and popped himself on her wall and would not budge ! Lol I ended up phoning Pete to come and get him as his stubbornness has not left him lol. My sister took some cheeky pics through the blinds of the two of them whilst he was persuading him to get in the car. For a child who was never going to walk again after his stroke he has proved a lot of people wrong! Here he is wearing from of Ladybug Handmade Gifts hoodies and I think you will agree he looks incredibly cute.

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